Organics Green Tea bags

The AJ Organics Tea are Himalayan Soils. It is Good our Healths, AJ Organics Tea Enjoy The Aroma and Taste of The best Himalayan tea leaves that treat your senses gently

How to make relaxing green tea:-

Boil drinking water, place tea bag in the mug and pour hot water over it, remove tea bag after 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy your tea.

Health Benefit:-

Green tea is rich in antioxident and vitamin A, C, Calcium, iron and amp sodium that boost immunity this rich content of antioxidants improves normal functioning of your body andbrain it can help to regulate blood sugar and beneficial for diabetics.
antioxidants inhabits the harmful effet of free radicals preventing damage of cells and tissue

Net Weight: 60gms (30 bags)