AJ Organics Green tea has been touted as the new wonder drink by people around the world, but the truth is that it’s been a part of diets for thousands of years! If you’re wondering what the hype is all about and whether you should add AJ Organics green tea to your diet, here are five amazing reasons to consider!

1. Green Tea contains multiple substances known for health benefits.

Typical composition of Green Tea constitutes polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids including theanine, and vitamins. Polyphenols include Catechins, the primary constituent, which makes Green Tea rich in anti-oxidants

2. AJ Organics Green Tea has a calming effect.

A great way to achieve calmness is with a cup of green Tea, which has been historically known to have a relaxing effect on human physiology. AJ Organics Green tea contains theanine which is an amino acid known to help you feel relaxed. AJ Organics Green tea brings you calmness just like yoga or meditation!

3. AJ Organics Green Tea helps in lipid metabolism.

Green Tea Catechins have been shown to help in the reduction of body fat levels through thermogenesis. This effect is because of the activation of lipid metabolism in the liver and muscle by tea catechins consequently permitting ready utilization of fat as energy.

4. AJ Organics Green Tea increases the level of antioxidants in the body.

AJ Organics Green Tea Catechins are viable antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals. Free radicals are reactive species which cause cell damage leading to conditions like accelerated rate of ageing. Catechins are also known to increase the amount of antioxidative enzymes in the blood. This presents their potential role in attenuating the effect of pollution-related stress on the body. Adding a cup of AJ Organics green tea to your diet will do your body good, from inside!

5. AJ Organics Green Tea is a refreshing beverage which helps in hydration.

Drinking tea is a great way to help keep your body hydrated if not consumed in excess (~ 6-7 cups a day). When brewed, green tea is primarily water (as no milk is added) so drinking it regularly throughout the day will help maintain hydration and make an important contribution to your daily fluid requirements. A cup of AJ Organics Green tea could be considered as a delightful alternative to high-calorie beverages. Thus, keeping you guilt-free.